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31-Aug-2016 22:08

Chiang Mai: This is Thailand’s northern capital, and with its smaller size and population, Chiang Mai has a lot to offer travellers.The centre of town is packed with glittering temples, excellent restaurants and expansive shopping markets, all of which are easily taken in on foot.Thailand packs a solid punch when it comes to offering appealing attractions, but when it comes to the absolute must-sees in Thailand, a few spots really shouldn’t be missed.

Nong Khai: Overlooking the Mekong River within earshot of Laos, Nong Khai boasts magnificent landscapes, waterfalls and forest temples nestled into its surrounds.Relatively easy to get around, and, by regional standards, quite affordable, the country attracts a vast number of tourists from all corners of the globe—you’re just as likely to be sharing a beach bar with an Australian as an Austrian, or indeed a Singaporean.