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04-Dec-2016 23:24

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Find your ideal gothic partner by signing up for a profile today, it only takes a couple of minutes and you can start browsing our members right away.While doing the usual scroll through my Facebook feed for the latest and greatest skate/snow content, I came across the following post from a friend of a friend: When I’m deep in the scroll, I’m pretty much just skimming for key words like snow, skate, or brand names, so when I saw “Skaters”, it took me a second to realize that this was the most ridiculous concept for a dating site I have seen yet. As you can see, the Sign Up page is pretty standard, but I have to admit I was quite proud of my profile.This is also where we catch the first glimpse of the lovely ladies that frequent Date Skaters, although let’s be honest, they’re probably all fake profiles to make the site seem real. My first move upon locking down an epic profile, was to check out the Browse Members Near You section, and to my pleasant surprise, the second listing down was the one and only Brooke Geery of Yo Beat fame.It wasn’t until our paths crossed the second time, when he followed me home on his board like a lost puppy dog one day after an art opening in Bed-Stuy, that I even realized he was a skater boy.

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Growing up in London, I had fallen prey to my fair share of flamboyant douchebags—soccer stud, club promoter, wannabe rock star—but skater boy lust wasn’t something I knew, and yet it hit me like an ollie gone wrong on the sidewalk—hard and fast. The cheeky grin, the scruffy Afro, the dirtbag zero-fucks-given attitude all worked in his favor, but it was his unstudied sense of cool that really had me hooked.

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