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Describing the day of the murder Prosecutor Ed Brown QC told the court: 'Before he was able to start his school day he found himself hounded down and killed by these five defendants, armed as they were with at least two large knives.All five each originally denied being at the scene of the killing, but subsequently four accepted being present after police found their fingerprints and Zac's blood in the get away car, a stolen Nissan Almera.The three often gathered in Carol’s apartment, and Fennell would tell them about his day after work. “And, as I understand it, that was all he ever wanted to be was a policeman.” Fennell was 23.He had moved up from a position as a Bastrop County jailer to a rookie police officer in Giddings.Police would note Rodney often walked the streets late at night around the convenience store, a point the prosecution would later use against him. One of Stacey’s sisters and her mother have never believed Rodney’s account.The last time Rodney claims he saw Stacey was early the morning of April 22. They say they knew Stacey, and she was deeply in love with her fiancé, Jimmy Fennell.

The front lawn is trimmed but cluttered with the odds and ends from the large, multigenerational, black family.

Jailing the gang, who are all from south London, Judge Giles Forrester said the attacks were 'vicious, shocking and sickening acts of violence outside a school in West Norwood at a time when pupils and staff were gathering at the start of the school day'.'Zac was aged 15 years, he was chased along the street as he fled for his life.

He was trapped in a nearby back garden and stabbed to death which was a terrifying and terrible way for him to die,' said the judge.

Stacey had a job at a grocery store in the neighboring town of Bastrop.

Stacey’s mother Carol Stites lived in the unit just beneath the couple.They are among six brothers raised as military brats, moving throughout the country in their youth. Just a normal, average life, you know, working, spending time with each other, helping one another.” Rodney was a subpar student, according to high school transcripts, but he excelled in athletics, boxing above all. Rodney, who was 28 at the time of Stacey’s death, would tell police he first met her at a game room in the back of a Bastrop Diamond Shamrock station.