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06-May-2016 16:24

In 2009, the Federal Trade Commission recorded 743 incidences of scammers impersonating a family member or friend in need of money.Since 2010, the FTC has recorded more than 40,000 and it is estimated that many more go unreported.Typically, the caller begs for secrecy, in order to prevent a quick phone call to the grandchild's parents to verify the story.When asked why their voice sounds funny, they'll usually claim their nose or mouth is injured.Warnings about grandparent scams have been issued by law enforcement and Better Business Bureaus across the country in recent months. It's an epidemic," said Jean Mathisen, manager of the AARP's Fraud Fighter call center, which has fielded hundreds of calls about grandparent scams so far this year.While law enforcement officials have been cracking down on grandparent scammers operating out of boiler rooms in Canada, new criminals continue to pop up, said Steven Baker, director for the FTC's Midwest Region.Western Union's transfer forms specifically warn senders not to send money for an unconfirmed emergency related to a grandchild or other family member.

You’ve painted a pretty appealing picture of yourself on the match making website of your choice.When women looking for love contact the "person," they're eventually asked to send money to help him out.

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