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17-Dec-2016 11:07

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Hong Kong is located right next to Adelita and it is pretty much the same.

There are some key differences though and the main one is that Hong Kong has more of a ‘strip club’ going on.

Some will be on stage and others will be walking around the room trying to ‘make a sale.’ If you sit by the stage you can tip a dollar and have some fun with the girls.

A dollar goes a long way in Adelita’s and if you see some titties on stage you just have to feel pull out a dollar and let her notice it and see how nice they feel.

Most taxis will know what you are up to and try to talk you into going somewhere else because he will get a kickback (meaning they overcharge you to pay him.) If you are in a hurry that isn’t a bad idea really.

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Some guys like to get a dance from a Tijuana stripper first to feel her out before heading upstairs with her but you don’t need to.The prostitutes in Tijuana may not speak English but they speak sex. Once she agrees to go with you and you have the deal worked out you go to the short time hotel directly next door that costs .