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25-Jan-2016 01:46

Hatton had earlier said that he is happy with Mayweather, with whom he replaced his long-time trainer Billy Graham.Some have embraced the fact that Hatton and Pacquiao did not engage in any kind of rampant antagonism during the pre-fight hype, as is most characterized by Floyd Mayweather, Jr.; examples being his bouts against Oscar De La Hoya, where he mocked and abused his opponent in front of him, and Hatton, where some physical jostling was not unheard of.After Pacquiao requested that Solar provide its financial records related to the deal, Solar distributed copies of its agreement with the boxer at a press conference—however, the financial details of the agreement were omitted from the documents.

Solar denied claims that Pacquiao broke off from their deal because of delayed payments, adding that what they had not forwarded to the fighter were the "advance payments" he was seeking.In the second round, Pacquiao landed with two looping rights and a vicious left-right-left combination.Hatton tried to stem the tide by holding on to Paquiano's head midway through the round, but a heavy left hook finally ended the contest by knocking Hatton out cold into round two.Pacquiao and Hatton toured the United Kingdom for the promotion of their fight; while in the UK, Hatton beat Pacquiao in a game of darts. On 22 April, Hatton labelled Pacquiao as a one-dimensional fighter: "Manny fights the same way all the time.

He's effective at what he does but he's not a versatile fighter".

However, after meeting with Solar executives, Pacquiao announced that he and Solar had "favorably resolved their unfortunate misunderstanding".