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I also run the research program at The Faculty, a specialised management consultancy focused on optimising the performance of global and regional procurement teams.

Procurement in Australia is a thriving and rapidly-growing profession full of engaged and passionate people.

The skills I'm bringing to this role include my experience in academic and business research, my love of writing, and my professional background in corporate communications, project management and editing.

Outside of work, I'm a husband, a dad, a keen hiker and a voracious reader.

In order to meet customer needs that require more powerful computing solutions for visualisations and 3D rendering, new AWS instances offer double the CPU power and host memory as well as the most powerful GPU available for cloud instances.

AWS said that the new instances were developed with heavy CPU-needs in mind.

Participants leave their corporate attire at home and come dressed for comfort rather than style, prepared for a long and exhilarating day fuelled predominantly by coffee and sugar.

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The organisation then gives access to any data or information required to solve these problems, and the hackers get to work.Just ask the management of hacked dating website Ashley Madison, or any of the big banks that channel a significant amount of their budget into building hacker-proof systems.Yet large corporations all over the world are now embracing the concept of the ‘hackathon’.“It’s all about understanding the barriers to innovation and stimulating ingenuity in the team.

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There are so many small-scale changes we can make in our supply chain that will have a huge impact on our bottom line.” Harris gives the example of the complexities involved in working out the optimal deck space utilisation on a cargo ship.

It’s interesting how language evolves to turn a word with negative connotations into something positive.

They cannot stop thinking about the partner they have lost, and cannot allow that partner to go.… continue reading »

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