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Author of the bestseller How to Spec Type, Type In Use", The Elements of Graphic Design (2002, Allworth Press), and Thinking in Type (2005).[ Born in Ivancice, Moravia (Czechia), in 1860, died in Prague in 1939.At Briefcase Type, he published the typeface BC Thomas Ruhller in 2014.[ Prague, Czechia-based designer of Octarine (2017: a geometric sans typeface family with two free weights), Fivo Sans (2017, free) and Fivo Sans Modern (2017, free).

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Studio has received many important awards for their poster and book design." His creations include the very East-European poster typeface Prazska Petka (1989, for a film poster), Jedovlym Pismem (1988, a hairy logotype done for the Sklep theater).In 1994 he co-founded Prague-based Studio Najbrt and Lev (founded by Ales Najbrt and Pavel Lev), which affiliates prominent Czech designers.Together with his co-workers, he is the author of many brands and visual styles, film and theatre posters.Mucha also created jewelry designs, and briefly taught art in New York.

In 1910, Mucha returned to Prague to work on nationalistic art, including murals, postage stamps, stained glass and bank notes. [ A free all caps layered typeface family made in 2015 by the crew at Type Together, namely, Veronika Burian, Jose Scaglione, Sonja Stange, Elena Veguillas and Irene Vlachou. Iva Janakova he co-founded the design magazine Deleatur and served as editor.