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Records for all of our digital mapping datasets are available in the Library Catalogue.Please contact the Map Collection for more information.FAIRFAX, Va., — General Dynamics Mission Systems' Sectéra v IPer TM Universal Secure Phone can now connect directly into fiber optic networks eliminating the need for converters.Users simply plug into the fiber network and use the phone immediately. The KIV-78 provides identification of friendly aircraft to forces on the ground, in the sea and in the air. In a recent article with Bloomberg Business, vice president and general manger Nadia Short discussed the critical importance of keeping pace with the cycle of technology enabling General Dynamics Mission Systems to deliver products and solutions that our customers need and when they need it.…Conditions of Use: Most of our datasets are held under research and educational licenses; copies of these datasets can be provided to academics and students of The University of Melbourne for research and educational purposes only.

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For more information about the AMG and MGA projections, and about the AGD66 and GDA94 datums, visit Geoscience Australia's Geocentric Datum of Australia page (especially "Geoscience Australia's overview of GDA").Click here for more information about digital mapping data, including Datums & Projections. Geological Survey) World 250k Map (includes political boundaries and coastline) World International Boundaries & Coastline (World Info) [Download free GIS data and imagery from Geoscience Australia] 9 Second DEM and Flow Elevation- 2008 (gridded digital elevation model, points every 250m, Geoscience Australia).Global Digital Elevation Model Data (90m worldwide free to download from CGIAR - Consortium for Spatial Information) GTOP30 - Global Digital Elevation Model Data (worldwide 30-arc second, approx. Free at: Maritime Boundaries (AMBIS 2001 v.1.1, Geoscience Australia) Raster 250K 4rd Ed. Free at Topo 2.5M (Australia-wide seamless data, for small scale mapping, Geoscience Australia) Vegetation, Present (Australia's vegetation in the mid-1980s, Geoscience Australia) Vegetation, Natural(Australia's probable vegetation ca.A few datasets are held under more restrictive licenses; these may only be used in the Map Collection or by staff of the University of Melbourne in their offices on campus.

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Further Information: If you have any questions please contact the Map Collection.

For more information about the Vic Grid, Vic Grid94 and Vicmap projections, visit the Land Victoria Technical Documents page (Vic Grid and Vic Grid94 are at the bottom of this page).

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