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Recognizing the need to broaden the educational target group and engage with the different health-care providers and hospital administrators in improving patients’ pain experience in hospitals, we embarked on the PFH initiative, bringing on board not just anesthesiologists and pain specialists but also specialists from surgical and medical disciplines, allied health professionals, and nursing administrators.The PFH concept has three main pillars—appropriate knowledge, quality assurance, and comprehensive patient care—with the goal of achieving pain relief as a basic human right.We used a low-cost model that could be implemented in any hospital, with the main components being education for health-care providers and patients and optimal utilization of existing facilities.The Ministry of Health set up a national PFH committee, comprising representatives from all stakeholders; this committee developed standardized protocols and policies that any Ministry of Health hospital could adopt and adapt.This case is one of a growing number of incest cases in Malaysia.

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We are now working on improving pain management at the primary care level by expanding the “Pain Free” concept to health clinics in urban and rural areas using the same strategy of introducing policy changes at the Ministry of Health level so that these changes can be implemented nationwide in a short period of time.

IASP is again offering grants through the Developing Countries Project: Initiative for Improving Pain Education.

This cavalier attitude with which sexual offenses against children is treated is a reflection of a societal hierarchy present in Malaysia.

Experts have suggested that incest is caused by a “pathological exaggeration of traditional patriarchal norms.” Crimes against women and children are treated as “less than” because their position in the patriarchal society is “less than.” In an interview with Reuters in November 2016, Ong Chin Lan, Head of RMP’s Sexual, Women and Children Investigation Division explained the government’s classification of child abuse statistics under the Official Secrets Act as benign, aimed that not wanting to alarm the public about the possibility of a high number in cases.We then initiated a process of certifying hospitals as “Pain Free Hospitals,” and this generated interest not just among those traditionally involved in pain management, but also among specialists from other disciplines, allied health professionals, and very importantly, nursing and hospital administrators.

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