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It sounded like it could flay the skin off a man, a sandstorm in the desert.

She was striking, medium to large build and very tall, statuesque, think Miranda Hart on British TV but far shapelier, smaller teeth - figure in the right proportions, not beautiful in the classic sense of the word, no supermodel, but there was something about her that I could imagine men killing each other for. Purest, flawless white skin, high cheekbones, slight Roman nose and eyes that hinted at a Middle Eastern background.

"I will go now Meester D, to my beloved beach and the scenery," Peppe chuckled with a sly wink, tapping his nose, going off to his room to change -- off duty.

I had come to know he would spend the end of the afternoon from three o'clock at the beach every day.

The fifty eight year old, grey, smooth haired, Zapata moustached, fit, man from Napoli chuckled and pointed again at a photo of a French pop star in a bikini on the beach, with part of her nipple exposed.

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I could see no sign of visible panty line, it was poetry in motion.

He confirmed that changing cabins were metal screens standing high off the sand without any security and toilets were a bank of what Thelma calls and hates squat and aim.

I told him of stuff available online, with chaps with cameras, it must have been chaps, being in the adjacent cabins with video cameras and you could see every detail of females changing, even in some cases showering. The toilet scenes often featured people, cameras actually in the chambers where piss and shit would be deposited direct from the unsuspecting woman's cunt and shit hole. - - - - - - - "But this is disgraceful," came a whining in French voice from reception.

He often asked why I and Thelma don't do the beach.

She didn't like beaches - sand, noise, sea - all reasons and more, give her the chance to spout about it.We had exchanged many rude ideas, fantasies and gestures in our daily chats, mostly about women, prompted by passers by, hotel guests, newspaper pictures.