Female players online dating men don t like tall women dating

08-Nov-2016 22:08

" If a man took you out on many dates, made you feel as if you had a shot at a relationship together, then dropped you at the last minute and bragged to all his friends about this - would you not feel incredibly hurt?

Always treat others with the same respect you command.

If your purse cost more than the total amount of money that has ever been inside it - then we have a problem.

If you're out having a meal with an acquaintance and you don't even flinch when the bill lands on the table then this is certainly typical player behaviour.

It takes a lot of nerve for a man to ask a woman out, yet you toss aside these advances with a sneer and rejecting someone is a guilty pleasure of yours.

If you are the kind of woman who is quite familiar with this pattern of behaviour then ask yourself, "How would I feel if someone did this to me?

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Not to be confused with a gold digger, who is only in it for financial gain, the female player sets up her game so she can have men give in to her on an emotional level.You are scared that some other woman will take from you the man you are playing, so you lash out and put your guard up.All these feelings stem from insecurity and you know what you need to make yourself feel better - a proper girls night out.If you find yourself turning your nose up at a handmade card instead of a credit top up on your bank card then you are playing.

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A true female player doesn't just need to know that her man is well-off, she also needs the whole world to know about it too.Using people for materialistic gain is just building a superficial relationship.