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Because, much to the contrary of that insulting advice I received while studying abroad here the first time, falling in love with people who are different from you is the only way to find real community in another culture.And learning to listen, communicate and love across the divisions of race, class and nationality has not only made me a better feminist and more thoughtful person — it has made me a more compassionate friend.I am media professional and want a successful career.i have four members in my family and i grew up in india with good education.

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My budding relationships with her and with our new friends were sources of joy and support as I navigated being a bisexual woman in an unfamiliar culture. As a college student abroad in India, I was told multiple times — even in official program handbooks — not to “date the locals.” This deeply condescending advice was based on American stereotypes about gender-based violence and Indian men.Yet gender violence is global — a problem in New York as well as New Delhi — and much American reporting about rape in India lacks context, relies on racist stereotypes about Indian men and ignores the fact that Indian feminists have been fighting gender-based violence for centuries.I’m back in Delhi as a graduate student, and I’m once against searching for romance.I first fell in love in Delhi three years ago, with an Indian classmate during a college semester abroad.

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The city and the relationship were new and exciting.After the 2012 rape of Jyoti Singh Pandey, a 23-year-old physiotherapy intern, the Indian and international media covered the issue extensively.

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