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Singer introduced an entire new line of state-of the-art sewing machines with models designed to meet individual needs and budgets.

These machines were built with "Duratec," a unique material which is stronger and lighter than aluminum yet provides double insulation.

This machine had a straight eye-pointed needle and transverse shuttle, an overhanging arm, a table to support the cloth, a presser foot to hold the material against the upward stroke of the needle, and a roughened feed wheel extending through a slot in the table. Clark, following Singer's first lockstitch sewing machine patent. sets-up corporate offices and a manufacturing facility in New York City. The first Singer sewing machines, manufactured in New York, sell for 0 each. Singer begins overseas expansion, starting in Paris, France, making Singer the world’s first international company.

Motion was communicated to the needle arm and shuttle by means of gears. The Singer Sewing Machine is offered for sale all over the United States. A Singer sewing machine was awarded a first prize at the World's Fair in Paris.

It was headquarters for the Executive Office for 54 years.

Nine worldwide Singer manufacturing facilities exist, employing 27,000 people and producing 3,000 models.

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First vacuum cleaner introduced, launching Singer’s strategy of diversification beyond sewing machines.

Isaac Merritt Singer, after examining the machine, noted "instead of the shuttle going around in a circle, I would have it move to and fro in a straight line.

In place of the needle bar pushing a curved needle horizontally, I would have a straight needle and make it work up and down." After 11 days and forty dollars in cost, Singer completed his invention: the world's first practical sewing machine.

Singer new entry into mass selling of computerised embroidery machines including digitizing software.

Now other manufacture has captured the low cost embroidery machine market like Singer had with the introduction of the Singer CE Futura range.

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