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17-Jan-2016 01:54

A huge proportion of Japan’s romance video games take place in a high school setting, which ostensibly is to help them feel relatable to teen gamers and nostalgic to older fans.

But even if the majority of the industry’s characters are teenagers, the people making the games, of course, are adults.

Play Please see the above video for a little word on the legitimacy of this project! We definitely don't have time to play public relations and...

Dear Dark Skyes supporters and fans: Our credibility and the future of our game itself are currently under attack by members of the forum known as Something Awful.

Referred to as a “Brony dating sim,” the game would let adult fans of the magical pony world date, seduce, and do who knows what else with a wide variety of beautifully drawn ponies.

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So next time You approach the girl You will be ready and confident. How to get rid of fear of approaching a pretty girl through practicing in VR. How to read the body language of women so that finally You know what they mean and make the right move. Discover good opener lines to start the conversation with every pretty girl you see.The good news is, the game will still get finished!