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17-May-2016 11:22

Check out Rua Miguel Bombarda which is Berlin-like in its arty pop up gallery vibe But if you want posher shops inc soaps and stationary head for Rua das Flores.To be honest – we only scraped the surface, but I’d go back in a heart beat Back now in London, I’m glued to my desk for the next few months- the gigs are over until October, so I’m writing – what I’m writing- only time will really tell, I’m too superstitious to feel properly confident of anything at the moment!All the girls are phenomenal, it’s proper shock your aged maiden aunts to the tits stuff, gorgeous. Thing is I had to fly with some virus, which totally wiped out my sense of smell and taste.Grayson Perry at The Serpentine Gallery, Perry puts the nation on vases and tapestries, the results are important, moving, hilarious and slightly perturbing! This was one of the most hideous side effects to a flu type bug I’ve ever had, never mind taste the difference in a Sainsbury’s fish, I couldn’t event taste that it was fish, everything tasted of flannel.All the stories are about ten pages long, so just right for a bath time soak or a literary night- cap.Other work stuff has been pretty varied, bits of radio, bits of book festivals, a few gigs dotted here and there ( ‘How to be’ continues to be the best touring show I’ve ever written) and of course the BBC pilot.‘Mind the Gap’ was a panel game idea me and Judith holder (who I write the Grumpy live shows with) first came up with in 2008!We’ve been batting it about and shoving it in peoples faces ever since – some projects are slow burners and it wasn’t until about six months ago when we had another bash, changed the format, saw someone who actually ‘got it’ and were given an non broadcast pilot, which means you do the show – film it to show the Beeb bosses, but it isn’t transmitted.

‘Listening In’ is an offshoot of the radio 4 series I’ve been doing over the past few years called ‘Little lifetimes’, they’re basically first person stories from the mouths of many different (mostly furious) middle aged women – writing these, it’s surprised me how oddly satisfying and easy it can be to disappear under the skin of someone else.Art gives me such joy, it’s just a shame that I can never really feel any true satisfaction with the outcome.