Airline stewardess dating site

13-Oct-2016 13:28

They do everything well with a smile on their face.I met many qualities girls in this profession whom end up marrying very well. But what I used to do back in my University days was to hang around and pick up International/foreign students who were interested in learning Chinese language and culture.

I have dated and married women/woman that you can only dream of. ), while in my eyes, I won’t give her a second glance if I meet her in a nightclub.These girls are used to servicing hundreds of guests on a long flight. This makes an off duty flight attendant a wonderful woman to enjoy. So, you would see an Asian guy and a White lady speaking Mandarin together, instead of English or any other Western languages.You mean with the countless single ladies from various ethnic origins in a melting-pot like Los Angeles, you guys just want to meet and date ladies who are exactly like us? The flight attendants are there to serve all customers on board, like any other jobs in the service industry.Flight attendants are often viewed upon as waitress in the sky with adequate English skills.

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Beside asking you for beef or chicken / coffee or tea, they are fully trained in basic life support CPR and emergency evacuation procedures.

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